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in u.s. sports history. james said he didn't make up his mind until just before last night's announcement. >> i'm going to take my town to south beach and join the miami heat. >> reporter: the announcement set off wild celebrations in miami and anger in cleveland, where former fans burned james' number 23 cavaliers jersey. >> that's the absolute worst decision ever. queen james, not king james. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: james insists he never wanted to leave the cavaliers but decided it was time to move on. by signing with miami, he left more than $30 million on the table in cleveland and he joins his former olympic teammates dwyane wade and chris bosh, forming a super trio james says gives him the best chance to win a championship. >> it's going to give me the best opportunity to win and to win for multiple years. and not only just to win in the regular season or just to win five games in a row or three games in a row. i want to be able to win championships. and i feel like i can compete down there. >> reporter: the cavaliers' owner dan gilbert is outraged
of the german marshall fund you'll be hearing from ellen. it is a network of 25 cities, 12 in the u.s., 13 in europe, and oakland is one of those cities, but i, of course, wearing my regional hat, have looked to expand what i have been learning through the network and the opportunities that present themselves to the network and to expand that. and where better to bring a cycling delegation than to the city of san francisco, a city very much on the verge of, i think, turning the tide in favor of cycling where there are 40-some-odd, 43-plus projects waiting in the wings for the environmental lawsuits to come to a close. so it is very exciting to have the opportunity for the delegation to come here, and i think the timely honkly, could not be -- honestly, could not be better. they have spent just over a day in the city of oakland doing a bit of a bike tour, meeting with elected officials there and a community open house last night where we had 80 folks turn out to listen to their talk. the other thing, obviously the public support and the public interest in this issue is alive and well and i
.p. ceo tony hayward is out. a senior u.s. government official says hayward is being replaced by possibly the managing directly, bob dudly. hayward angered gulf coast residents after saying he wanted his life back in the weeks following the oil rig explosion. we have more. >> no one who wants this thing over more than i do. i want my life back. >> reporter: he may be close to getting his wish. the an an is reporting he will be ousted this week. b.p. has denied the report. it's welcome news for frustrated louisiana locals. >> we need to get our way of life back. our life back, as he wanted. and the only way we're going to do that if with somebody on the ground that has the common-sense approach, that can make decisions quickly. >> reporter: work on drilling a relief well has resumed less than a day after tropical storm bonnie blew through. retired admiral thad allen said they may by able to kill the well in a week. >> the opt -- optimum outcome is to proceed with. >> the archbishop urging parishioners not to lose hope. >> the future is uncertain but god it your 0, -- rock, and he will neve
the united states and russia. stand by. the defense secretary reveals his choice to be the new head of the u.s. military's central command. it's a u.s. marine general who once said it's fun to shoot some people. this hour the pentagon's problem. military brass with loose lips, and republican party chairman michael steele insists he's 100% behind the u.s. troops, but is that enough to satisfy conservatives who say it's past time for him to go. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> well, let's begin with the breaking news right now. all ten russian suspects appearing in a new york court pleaded guilty just a little while ago in connection with the stunning spy case, and now after days of speculation about a possible spy swap between the united states and russia, we've learned how the exchange is about to play out. let's bring in our foreign affairs correspondent jill doherty. she's got new information just coming in. jill, tell us what you know. >> reporter: right. wolf, this is -- we just got this. it's from the u.s. justice department, and this is a letter from the justice depa
shirley sherrod, fired by the u.s.d.a., got the call and another apology. are illegal immigrants raising the crime rate? some argue yes; others no. we'll give you the facts. and happy thursday-- or is it? tracking the mood of america tweet by tweet. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. a tropical storm has just formed in the caribbean and by saturday it could be churning through the site of the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico, disrupting the cleanup for days, even weeks. some cleanup boats were sent back to port today. the large oil recovery ships may follow. tropical storm bonnie is north of cuba right now, and over the next few days it's projected to pass through the florida keys and then into the gulf. even so, federal officials said today they will keep the cap on that ruptured well. and the white house said the president, who's been urging americans to visit the gulf's still-open beaches, will take the first family to the gulf coast of florida next month
be a major change of leadership at b.p. soon. a senior u.s. government official says the company's chief executive, tony hayward, is being replaced and could be gone as early as tomorrow. he you're looking at a live picture off the well. we have more. >> there's no one that wants this thing orr more than i do i want my life back. >> reporter: he may be close to getting his wish. he is reported by going to be out the this week. >> we need to get our life back, as he wanted, and the only way we're going to do that is with somebody on the ground that has the common-sense approach to make decisions quickly. >> reporter: work on drilling a relief well has resumed after morning -- more than a day. they may be able to kill the damaged well in a week. >> the opt -- optimum you can can is to proceed with the project. >> reporter: the ashe -- -- the future is uncertain but god is your rock. and he will never abandon you. >> reporter: that faith, mixed with forgiveness, for man who said he needed the most, hayward. >> all of us say things we regret saying later. and i feel sorry for him. >> reporte
for the u.s. the whole exchange happened on an airport tarmac in vienna, austr austria. one plane headed east and the other headed west. matthew chance is in moscow with the latest. >> reporter: that's right. the biggest spy swap since the end of the cold war has taken place on the tarmac of the airports in the austrian capital of view any. the plane carrying the ten confessed spies from the united states, confessed to working for russia. landed at the airport a short time ago. couple of hours ago now. it was followed quickly afterwards by an official aircraft from russia which was carrying four people pardoned by russian serving the lengthy prison sentences in russian jails for spying for western powers, including the united states. the exchange took place on the tarmac which men none of the -- people actually entered the country of austria. the one plane carrying the four from russia has taken off and landed, we understand, now from the united kingdom. the other aircraft carrying the ten russians arraigned in new york is still on its way back to the russian capital. >> this was all par
's an interesting scene near phoenix. >> reporter: arizona's governor predicts a long battle to the u.s. supreme court. >> we are disappointed but we did what we wanted. we got the injunction. i will still means, as you well know that the lawsuit will continue to move forward and the merits of case will be heard. >> reporter: but, first the injunction against the key provisions come to the 9th circuit court of appeal, its hub in san francisco, its judges spread across several states. >> that's biggest circuit in the country by far. so we have a lot of action out on the west coast. it's not surprising that the 9th circuit is as controversial as it is. >> reporter: historically considered a level-leaning court, that's gradually eased and in the first appeal stage, only three judges hear arguments. >> its all depends on who the three judges are. they are not short on some very conservative judges. their ruling can be appealed to an 11-judge panel. most believe that arizona has an uphill fight. >> a state statute that enters into congress' area and interference with foreign policy of the united stat
is your "situation room." >>> happy birthday, rick. happening now, the u.s. economy loses jobs for the first time this year. the president insists that the recovery is moving forward but americans who are desperate for a paycheck may not be buying that. and two more alleged russian spies reveal their true identities. we'll look at the perils of being a secret agent with kids. and we'll hear from the grown son of one of the suspects. >>> and a leading conservative is calling on the republican party chairman to do his patriotic duty this july 4th by resigning. how long can michael steele hang on to his job? wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux and you're in "the situation room." >>> well job gains in america hit a wall now adding to fears that the nation may be socked with a second recession. there are new figures that show that the economy lost 125,000 jobs in june. now you can see there had been job growth every month in 2010 until the june slide. the loss is mostly due to the fact that the census is over and those jobs related to the census went away. the overall un
senator in u.s. history died at the age of 29. tomorrow his body will be flown to charleston for a memorial service. the president and vice president are expected to attend. >> quick look at news from across the nation. a u.s. airways flight bound for charlotte returning to atlanta because there were maggots coming out of an overhead bin and falling on to passengers. u.s. air says a passenger brought spoiled meat on to the plane. the airline made sure no other bags were infested. the passenger with the bad meat had the meat taken away and was put on another plane. >> we didn't have -- >>> we didn't do anything wrong. people think i was giving away a baby. >> that bomb says she was the victim of a horrible bank saying someone posted the 10- month-old baby on craigslist for free. her name and number were pictured. authorities worry that the baby could be in danger. >>> this truck was able to make it through the 14-foot span, but it was the sprayer that took everything down. the historic bridge was part of a 23-mile walking trail. no one was hurt. >>> okay, it's the video that w
information leaks in u.s. military history. a whistle-blowing web site has published nearly 100,000 documents about the war in afghanistan. and joel brown on the information that critics say could put american lives at risk. >> the founder of the web site defended his decision to go public with over 90,000 classified documents, which he gave to journalists and posted online. >> it does appear to be evidence of war crimes in the material. >> reporter: it could be the biggest leak ever, of classified documents. most are reports from the field, and they reveal secret u.s. commando units had killed afghan civilians when targeting insurgent leaders and taliban fighters have used heat-seeking missiles to shoot down american aircraft. many of the documents also suggest pakistan spy agencies could be helping the taliban in afghanistan, in its war against u.s. and afghan forces. the white house officials note that most of these documents covered the period before president obama took office. but top aides here were furious over the web site's decision to make the information public. the national secur
>>> developing news out of afghanistan. the body of one of two missing u.s. sailors is found. we'll have the latest on the search for the second sailor. >> medical marijuana delivered to your doorstep. the delivery guy running for public office. >> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. meteorologist rob mayeda joining us now. >> good morning to you. kind of like yesterday morning. we have all these overcast skies and drizzle on the coast. if you're traveling over the summit highway, you will run into low clouds into livermore. i noticed temperatures through the afternoon, we'll get sunshine inland. 60s and 70 inland. pretty incredible for this time of year. if you want to find warmer weather, the end of the weekend and weekend should be make you happier. temperatures starting to climb mid to upper 80s inland. >> we want to say good morning to mike. >> out to fremont, southbound 880 just past central, there is an accident there still in the lanes southbound side. had all but one lane blocked. not a lot of activity. just a truck and smashed-up car on the siste
with the irs and it's not the first time the tax man has taken issue with him. >>> the u.s. is trying to find two missing servicemen that the taliban has claimed to have captured. we'll have the latest on the war in afghanistan, coming up. >>> and rescue workers in china desperately search for victims of a landslide. why chinese officials are expecting more devastating weather, next in the news of the world. >>> price of gasoline has picked up slightly over the last few weeks. a new survey of gas stations released today shows the price of regular unleaded rose to $2.73 nationally, an increase of almost a penny. in the bay area, over the last month, prices rose about 2 to 3- cents a gallon. average price in oakland is $3.18. in san francisco, it's $3.24. and in san jose, it's $3.17. >>> oil giant bp confirmed it will begin drilling off the coast of libya in the next few weeks. the deep water drilling will take place in the gulf of serta, amid major concerns over bp's environmental and safety record after the gulf of mexico oil spill. the deal also follows reports that bp lobbied for the releas
for water and other projects. clinton's trip comes as richard haas tells news week that the u.s. needs to rethink afghanistan. that we're not winning and it's not worth it. he is suggesting a drawdown of troops. after nine years of war, continued involvement in afghanistan isn't likely to yield lasting improvements. it is time to scale down our ambition there and reduce and redirect what we do. >> others say that is not the time to leave. >> it's very difficult conflict. it will take a long time, sometimes hard for americans to swallow, but the notion that we can afford effectively to pull out causes risks and dangers for the united states down the road that are just almost impossible to quantify. >> reporter: it sounds like what secretary clinton will be arguing in kabul on tuesday. >> gregg: the search is on for right now for carjackers that killed an off-duty police officer in chicago. officer michael bailey was killed on his way home from work early this morning. 20 year veteran just two weeks from retirement, police say the shooting occurred when two men tried to steal his buick s
they handed out huge bonuses and with citigroup being the biggest offenders since they haven't paid the u.s. taxpayer back, but the pay master may be leaving out one big important piece of information, that according to fox business network's stuart varney. everybody gets very riled up about this. there's a lot to understand here, though, and i know you want to lay out some of that for us. >> number one, the pay czar, he cannot claw back the money. he can ask for it back. does not have the legal authority to take it back. point number two, 11 of the 17 banks which paid these bonuses actually repaid all of the bailout money in full with interest and with profit to the taxpayer. he did not call them obscene or huge bonuses, he called them ill advised and unmerited, and some of these bonuses may have had to have been paid because of the contractual obligations to the executives involved. number ', you're right, citi may well have been the biggest offender because of one big particular earning trader. number four, are we absolutely sure that this is not a political attack on the banking industr
between the westboro baptist church and the family of a maryland marine moves one step closer to the u.s. supreme court. the church filed a brief this week, saying its actions are protected by the first amendment. >> reporter: the westborough baptist church filed this 75- page brief. attorney margie phelps will argue the case in front of the supreme court. she defended the church members' protest outside of matthew schneider's funeral in 2006. >> it is everybody's first amendment right to go to a public plot and speak on public issues. who in the world is not talking about the dying soldier? >> reporter: the kansas state believes the u.s. military deaths are god's punishment for tolerance of homosexuality. in the argument, phelps argues its actions are protected by the first amendment. not so says the father of the fallen marine. al schneider talks about the upcoming case. my son and hundreds of thousands of other men and women have died to protect freedom of speech. and to have a group of 80 people degraded and mock it is disgusting. >> in a separate legal brief filed with the court, 48
. a senior u.s. government official says tony hayward might be out. who might be replace him and how people in the gulf are reacting to the news. >> reporter: cbs news has learned bp's cheep executive is expected to step down some time after monday's meeting. a spokesperson said tony remains the spokesperson of bp. he has the confidence of the board and senior management. bob dudley considered for ceo in 2007 but lost out to hayward. he's an american born just 65 miles from the gulf coast. as the news of his departure started circulating, the government's point man for the spill reiterated his top priority is sealing the job well. >> focus on community effort and i'll continue to do that regardless of who is in charge of who i work with. >> reporter: all along the gulf coast talk inevitably turn today hayward. >> if it sank or something happens it's your fault. >> reporter: he's come under sharp credit can i feel about comments he's made about the spill. >> i'd love my life back. >> reporter: now that tropical storm bonnie is out of the picture, boats are back and trying to permanently seal
and london's guardians newspaper recording one of the biggest leaks of classified documents in u.s. history. the papers dated from 2004 to 2009 reveal how pakistan spy agency guided the insurgency in afghanistan. the files also explain how a secret special forces unit hunts down taliban leaders for kill or capture without a trial and how the taliban acquired surface to air missiles. the online whistle blower organization provided the information but the source is believed to be a u.s. army analyst arrested in iraq and already charged with leaking is classified information. >>> this sunday in afghanistan the taliban claimed responsibility for killing one u.s. sailor and capturing another during an ambush. u.s. forces come firm two navy personnel went missing friday. there is an offer of a $20,000 for information about their where abouts. >> from what i know right now and again i don't have all the details on this, this is an unusual circumstance. >> despite this admiral mike mullen says he is more optimistic than ever that the u.s. mission in afghanistan can be accomplished but he warns as m
despite the fact that a u.s. district judge in phoenix stopped some of the most controversial provisions of the bill from taking effect. >> stopping people with probable cause, turning them over to i.c. e. she didn't restroke that. >> reporter: including the portion that included police to revoke immigration status if they think the person they stopped on a crime is in the country illegally. several protesters who were ready to be arrested were stopped. some in new york city staged their own showing of solidarity. >> we have more than appetite for is comprehensive immigration reform. that secures our border and forces our laws, protects our workers, unites our families and has a path to legalization. >> reporter: and despite the well publicized protest, recent polls show that almost half of californians and the majority of americans support the arizona immigration law. rob roth is live with that part of the story. >> reporter: we're in the foothill boulevard overpass, this is where dozens of people are expected to rally in support of arizona immigration bill. if you have already arrived,
responsible for publishing the leaks says he's exposing u.s. war crimes. the white house says he's putting lives at risk. mark matthews is here now with more on the bay area reporter involved in bringing all of this to light. mark? >> this is being called one of the biggest intelligence breeches in u.s. history. 92,000 leaked reports, six years of classified records depicting a messy and brutal struggle in afghanistan. the information leaked includes reports the taliban are using heat-seeking missiles and that pakistan's military spy agency is in league with afghan insurgents including taliban. and accepting billions of dollars in u.s. aid. >> it's posing a real and potential threat to those working hard every day. >> the reports were first posted on wiki leaks, a whistle-blower web site. the information believed to be army specialist brad manning a 35-year-old analyst now in jail in kuwait. the founder of wiki links says there is no public evidence manning is the source. >> as far as we're able is that it's not that he is the source of the material. >> the computer hacker turning in manni
in austria. the u.s. says this is a good deal for them. even though it was four people given to the u.s. and ten given to russia. the four were much more high value. they were in failing health. the u.s. was eager to get them out of harsh confinement. it does send the message you say that the u.s. will try to stand by people who aid the west. and finally, the ten here never gain anything of value to value. they were sending people who never made much of a dent. for that reason, there was no great justice department interest in having them serve any time. they were available to send back. this was a great opportunity to get these four out is the way the u.s. ultimately looks at it. then, also, it wipes the slate clean of what had become an irritant in an effort to improve relations between the u.s. and russia. >> and exactly on that point, the attorney general eric holder was out here and we had a chance to talk with him briefly and this was his response. >> we wanted to make sure that we did this as quickly as we could so we didn't have any kind of ongoing negative impact between the go
of washington this morning. tens of thousands of confidential u.s. military records posted on line. what secrets are revealed. we will have the story when the morning news continues. presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event. a fantastic opportunity to get a great offer on an all new cadillac srx luxury collection crossover... ..with a bose premium sound system. and an ultra-view sunroof designed to let more summer time in. summer brings out the best in all of us, so now's the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a new cadillac. hurry in for great lease or purchase offers on an all new srx during cadillac's summer's best sales event going on now at your cadillac dealer. >>> good morning to you. look back. a short final ago the founder of the wicki leaks website said there appears to be evidence of war crimes in the more than 90,000 classified u.s. military records posted on line. scott mcfarlane has late details live this morning in our washington, d.c. bureau, scott, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. really an unprecedented release of military information and as you m
russian spies on the tarmac in moscow. the u.s. attorney conforms the largest u.s.-russia spy exchange since the cold war is a success. we have a live report. patti ann: in the middle box, sarah palin releases a brand new campaign-style ad. is it a sign she'll run for president in 2012. jon: forget how much is the doingy in the window, a proposed new law in one city that would ban pets, almost all of them. a major u.s. city considering the measure. patti ann: take a look at our newsroom, breaking news coming in from across the country and around the world. jon: president obama is in nevada to talk about green jobs and to help raise money for senate majority leader harry reid. the president, hosting a fund-raiser last night in las vegas, telling the crowd he needs senator reid's help in washington. reid is struggling in his reelection campaign against republican sharron angle a. tea party favorite. anita vogel streaming live from las vegas. will president obama's visit help or hurt harry reid here, anita? >> hi there jon. probably both. harry reid needs the president's help in vegas, ne
it but by this time tomorrow it is widely expected tony hayward will be out as the company's ceo. u.s. government sources confirm the oil giant is replacing the embattled executive whose handling of the oil disaster became a pr disaster. ktvu's deborah villalon is live with who is said to be replacing him. deborah? >> reporter: well, his ouster has been rumored before, maureen but this time it seems solid. tony hayward will get his life back after all. >> there is no one wants this over i would like my life back. >> reporter: his most infamous gaff the big chief in the early weeks of the disaster also called it a small spill compared to the size of the gulf. and said he didn't believe scientists who detected large plumes of oil polluting down deep. >> he went -- right after the explosion he went out and he has been dealing with the response ever since. >> reporter: just last month bp's chairman was still defending hayward even as he replaced him with american executive bob dudly as the point man on cleanup. dudly could now succeed hayward as ceo. >> mr. hayward this is a picture of an oiled pelic
death rate. pakistan denied the accusation. the u.s. state department says the documents do not represent what is currently going on. >> the fact that these are several years old, does not change our concern that this action risks our national security. the white house says -- wicki says it has another 15,000 jobs for future release. >> the war funding bill creates a dip lem ma for those opposed in the war. the bill is set to come up for a vote before congress leaves at the end of this week for its six-week summer recess. >>> city officials in san jose want to put a measure on the november ballot that would seek approval for a 10% tax on medical marijuana. if approved, the 10% tax would be highest marijuana tax in the state. opponents of the plan say the tax would put an undue burden on marijuana patients. the san jose city council is set to discuss the matter. the deadline to get this on the ballot is august 3rd. >>> the price of gas is up but only slightly in the last week. the latest survey from triple-a shows the national average is 2.74. that's an increase of about 2- c
is convicted. both suspects are due in court next week. >>> >>> the u.s. economy had the weakest growth in almost a year. the commerce department said the gross domestic product grew 2.4% in april, may and june. that is down from 3.7% revised number. weaker consumer spending and less growth from companies rebuilding inventories are seen as the main factor for the drop in growth. >>> the transit labor dispute is heading to court today. the judge may decide whether or not to overturn a contract that was imposed on transit employees. the contract changed work rules and shifted hours. that angered a lot of bus drivers who have been accused of staging a sickout. they say they need concessions from the union to reduce the budget deficit. they say if the judge reinstates the old contracts, all weekend transit service could be eliminated. >>> all right. time is 7:08. >>> yesterday we had call train delays. do we have them today. >> we do furtherly. we have a train that's been cancelled. i'm looking at the e-mail sent from cal train. let me pull this up here. it is train 309. it has been cancell
-life james bond plot. the u.s. and russia involved in a 14-person spy swap, and it all happened in the blink of an eye. >>> and then the big announcement. >> this is very tough. i'm going to take my talents to the beach and join the miami heat. >> it didn't look like it was very tough. miami might be welcoming lebron james with open arms, but cleveland is disowning its onetime favorite son. there goes that lebron jersey. and wait till you hear the reaction from the owner of the cleveland cavaliers who called lebron narcissistic, self-promotional, selfish, cowardly and then really laid down the gauntlet. ♪ alejandro, alejandro >>> and new york city going ga ga over the lady herself. good friday morning. i'm chris jansing live from msnbc world headquarters in new york. and we begin with the riot out in oakland, california. angry mobs flooding the streets, smashing windows and looting stores. their anger sparked after a white transit cop was convicted on a lesser charge in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man last year. more than 80 people were arrested overnight, some caught in the act
. >> that was teresa garcia reporting. >> u.s. education department named california one of 19 finalists in the second round of competition to reform schools. it offers $3 billion in grants. california got nothing in the first round. it since made new commitments to improve strugglg schools and improve the gap. obama administration has been fighting for teacher pay and for teacher nure and expand charter schools. >> gubernatorial candidate meg whitman is locked in a tight battle with the governor but they are asking about her future plans. >> if you win at the november you are at the top of the republican party. ever thought about running for the white use? >> no. i am here to run california. i want to fix california. where california goes does the country. >> the former ceo appeared on "good morning ameca" today. she says the focus is helping california out of the recession. state's unemployment rate is 12.3%. she has spent $90 million and mostf it was her own money. she faces jerry brown in the general election. if brown wins in november it would be the third time elected to the sta's top post. >> a
to take part in military exercises, the north says the u.s.-south korean exercises will result in a retall torre sacred world. >> we should be very worried about this. north korea is comfortable being a state that makes nuclear threats. >> all this after the secretary of state and defense secretary visited the korean demill tarrized zone, and saying these military excises are meant to send a clear signal. >> we have seen nothing that gives us any reason to believe that north korea is ready to end its provac consecutive belligerent behavior. >> threats from the north are nothing new but take on new meaning after the sinking of a south korean vessel. >> the white house is not commending on the north corn threat bunt it doesn't mean these exercised haven't created a war of words. >> there will be physical response. >> reporter: that statement from a north korean spokesman, answered by the defense secretary. >> taking steps that further strengthen deterrence and also demonstrate our determination not to be intimidated. >> reporter: 8,000 troops, 20 ships, and 200 aircraft start sending that me
reports from washington. >> reporter: it could be the largest leak of classified u.s. information ever. more than 90,000 documents of raw intelligence relating to the war in afghanistan now available for anyone to see on the website. the founder of the antiwar group says the document reveal abuses by u.s. and coalition forces and perhaps even war crimes. >> if governments don't like populations being upset they should treat them better, not conceal abuses. >> reporter: a official is calling the documents a mix of rumor and second hand information. they detail a variety of assessments about incidents over the last six years involving friendly fire, civilian casualties and intelligence officials from pakistan, a u.s. alley cooperating with taliban extremists. >> it is not the content as much as it is there are names, there are operations, there is logistics, there is sources, all of that information out in a public way has the potential, ed, to do harm. >> reporter: it wasn't necessary to have this out there and really it doesn't tell you that much more than we didn't already know, that
sleeper agents have been sent back to russia. in exchange, the u.s. is receiving four men accused by moscow of spying for the west. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is live for us in washington. pete, i've been watching you cover this thing minute by minute. i don't know how you can catch your breath. this has happened so quickly. >> reporter: well, and it's all over now. the plane carrying the ten russians from u.s. landed in vienna. they got off, landed, the four from russia landed in vienna earlier today. that plane has landed in the united kingdom where those four agents accused -- convicted of spying for the u.s. and western agencies in russia will be deep death briefed by british and american officials before some of them, probably not all of them, eventually come to the u.s. but that's a ways away. they'll stay a while in the uk for this rest period. so it's finally over, tamron. now some of the ten, at least one of them, at least, will not stay in russia. that is what their lawyers say. at least one of them, originally from peru, intends to go back to peru and the
, tensions are high in the u.s. and south korea are practicing military maneuvers off the korean peninsula. the world's most advanced aircraft, the f-22 is at the center of this morning's maneuvers. the f-22 raptor can detect missiles and evade missile sites with high tech equipment. the media got to see it in action as u.s. and south korean warships and helicopters practiced anti-submarine maneuvers. both militaries are preparing in defense just in case north korea were to attack. the u.s. may be on the verge of military action against iran. a former cia director says it seems more likely because no matter what the u.s. does diplomatically, tie raehran kee pushing ahead with their nuclear program. he predicts iran will be close to having an actual weapon soon and u.s. leaders said that military action, of course, is an option because sanctions don't seem to work. >>> check out the surveillance video, very close call. seven people were on board that boat that you see right there at the bullfrog marina when it exploded. amazingly most of the people were able to jump into the water for safet
deek -- gone dikay. >>> the team dubbed the barefoot bandit makes his first appearance in a u.s. courtroom today. colton harris-moore was extradited to the u.s. from the bahamas. he is charged with committing a two-year string of break-ins and theft. >>> harris-moore, arriving in miami. back in u.s. soil for the first time in nine days. awaiting his next court hearing. as the 19-year-old faces charges for a two-year crime spree that spanned at least nine states and canada. accused of burglarizing at least 100 homes. and stealing five planes. >> i absolutely expect him to spend time behind bars. these are serious times, especially stealing planes and crashing planes. that is not taken lightly in the united states. >> reporter: on tuesday afternoon, bound in shackles, but with shoes this time, the barefoot bandit was led away from a bahamian court. after only being charged with and pleading guilty to illegal entry. he paid a $300 fine which was picked up by the u.s. embassy. >> well, we tried to get this. >> reporter: this, despite a gun-carrying crime wave in paradise, that alleg
orleans. >>> the u.s. military bars women from combat units. a congresswoman wants that to change since women are getting shot at anyway. she says the policy acts as a glass ceiling. >> reporter: a california congresswoman said if women were allowed into the infantry and other combat jobs it would open up more promotions and better prepare them for attacks and ambushes they are already facing. >> they don't get enough of that training. they don't get enough of that time. >> reporter: the army says all soldiers deployed to iraq and afghanistan get some combat-specific training such as convoy, live fire exercises. reaction to ambush, weapons training, combat life saver training and other skills. when what is in afghanistan i spoke with someone. >> we do this one drill where we have all our gear on, like a full combat load. we do a whole bunch of pushups and sprint and try to shoot so we understand what it's like to shoot under pressure. >> in the civilian world there is a reason human resource supervisors don't become ceos but sales executives do. they are directly involved in what that b
on unrelated federal charges including a violent crime. the u.s. attorneys confirms this person of interest is scheduled to go on trial in november and is being held without bond. >>> police are investigating the murder of a virginia man killed in oakland, california. he was in california if a job interview with google. police say he went to an oakland dentist for a cleaning sunday night. after his appointment, he and a dental hygienist were outside when two men held them up and he was shot to death. the dentist was not harmed. he was seen here with his wife. police and crime stoppers of oakland are covering a $0,000 reward for information to help solve this case. >>gang members and their soabt now off the streets and in custody. of those arrested, # 1 face immigration charges. only one. those arrested is an american citizen. -- 31 face immigration charges. only one of those arrested is an american citizen. >>> lindsay lohan on her way to jail today. that is not the only trouble making headline for the actress this morning. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d
division as well as the u.s. attorney's office here in san francisco and the fbi to see if this warrants federal prosecution. >> we understand that there was also a car vandalized in tacoma, washington, there were also incidents in portland, oregon with people reacting. as we mentioned, the oakland police department and the mayor are due to hold a news conference any time now. let's bring in california congresswoman barbara lee who represents oakland. congresswoman, thank you for being with us. >> first let me say this, like everyone, i am really frustrated, saddened and outraged. if you look at the video and you know what took place, this to me is a glaring example of the need to reform our criminal justice system. and that is something we have been working on for years and years and years. it is important that we understand that criminal justice reform has to happen and it has to happen quickly to avoid circumstances such as this. i have been in touch with the department of justice for many months now, and i'm confident that they're going to move forward with their independent and thor
to exchange the body of a u.s. serviceman forrin insurgent prisoners. they say the sailor was killed in an ambush two days ago, and another u.s. serviceman was taken into custody. taliban says the pair drove into an area under insurgent control, prompting a brief gun fight. it is unclear what led the men to leave their compound. the u.s. launched a massive air and ground search for the two missing men after they did not return to the compound on kabul on friday. elsewhere, five troops have been killed in separate bombings, putting july as the deadliest months for u.s. troops since the war began nine years ago. >>> new video this morning of former cuban president fidel castro appearing on state-run television in cuba. he attended a ceremony to pay his respects to fallen firefighters -- or rather fallen fighters in his revolution. during the public appearance, castro warned of an impending nuclear war sparked by the u.s. he says, and israel. this is the first video of him leaving havana since he had had surgery in july of 2006. >>> ships are getting back in place this morning at bp's b
depends on how you see the world. . >> reporter: at the u.s. geological survey in menlo park, a lecture four decades in the making with one lesson. >> it's a beautiful planet but it needs care. >> reporter: the usgs is sharing 38 years' worth of satellite photos from around the world, comparing for better or for worse how things have changed. this is shanghai in 1973, mostly forest and farmland. here it is in 2005, the cities colored in blue have exploded in population. here's a patch of rain forest in brazil back in 1975. here's that same 80-mile stretch 28 years later mostly farmland. to outsiders all this development is alarming. >> you could say it's alarming or you could say it's a wonderful thing if you are a farmer in that area and suddenly you have 20,000 hectars of wheat that you can plant and cattle. >> reporter: this is the gulf oil spill in may the white portion oil. the same view taken wednesday, the oil sheen spread dramatically. remember the devastating floods in north dakota last year? this is what fargo normally looks like. and here's fargo last year. the black area is
, and they paint a devastating picture of the war in afghanistan. >>> this, as u.s. forces launch a manhunt for two american sailors who vanished three days ago. >>> top kill. bp's embattled ceo tony hayward reportedly set to be shown the door as the company's board meets today. will a change at the helm help bp's reputation with america? >>> and painful mix-up. police confuse a young survivor of an accident with another girl who died. this morning we'll hear from the father who spent a week at the bedside of a girl who turned out to be someone else's daughter. the tragic story today, monday, to be someone else's daughter. the tragic story today, monday, july 26, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry. those documents on the website called wikileaks could be the largest unauthorized disclosure in u.s. history. they are painting a blaeak picture. >> 92,000 documents. they span six years. the u.s. is saying the leak jeopardizes those serving in the region. who leaked the reports and why? what d
they in the u.s. illegally this is the 7th lawsuit filed against arizona law since it was passed. >> julie kurtz live in washington, thanks so much. >>> very tense moments and it happened this week in nevada. two small aircraft violated the president's air space. you know what happens when that happens. the first incident friday morning after 7:00 local time. norad scrambling two f-16's to intercept a cessna 210. those jets escorting that plane to north las vegas airport. a half hour later a expect plane. president obama was in vegas, stumping for senate majority leader harry reid also making a speech there on the economy. >>> speaking of which, major war of words shaping up in the nevada senate battle between majority leader harry reid hand tea party favorite sharron angle the republican candidate. saying many of angle's stances are too extreme. angle hitting back calling reid a desperate man trying to hit girl. those were her words. angle has lost some steam in the polls since winning the gop primary. does harry reid have a point about her ability to appeal to mainstream voters? joining me mar
spy scandal. ten accused spies become keys to a deal between the u.s. and russia that is right out of the cold war era. right after this. [ female announcer ] there's a new generation of sun protection... ...that outlasts their energy. [ female announcer ] new aveeno® continuous protection. we've combined natural soy and vitamins with spf 100, in a formula that provides 3 times better sunburn protection than ordinary sunscreens. [ female announcer ] new continuous protection. from aveeno®. >>> our number one international story tonight, fast moving developments in the russian spy drama. all ten suspects, pleaded guilty this afternoon in a new york city courtroom. the judge immediately ordered them to be deep ported as part of a deal between the u.s. and russia. russia in turn will hand over four people convicted of espionage over there. susan candiotti was in the courtroom. she is joining me. pretty dramatic day in court. talk to us about the deal that was worked out. >> really of all the court cases this ranks near the top for the drama that happened in court. right now at this
, caught in the u.s. hours earlier, the high stakes spy exchange unfolded in vienna, austria. two planes sat on the tarmac. the 10 were on one. four russians jailed for supplying information for the west were on board the other. including scientist igor sutiaga. those four headed to a military base in london. in an interview for face the nation, attorney general eric holder said the u.s. got a good deal. >> we essentially orchestrated a swap. so that we had access or got that for people who had been charged in russia with conducting intelligence activities on behalf of western countries. >> reporter: a u.s. official tells cbs news that the cia director personally worked out details with his russian counterpart. once they had an agreement, president obama himself okayed the deal. >> reporter: the 10 russian spies pleaded guilt to acting as unregistered agents as a foreign country. one of the few who operated under her real name was anna chapman. like the others, she'll have to start a new life in russia. >> i think she'll spend time with the family and make a decision about whether she wa
at the white house today. it is the prime minister's first official visit to the u.s. as the prime minister. alison burns joining us live in our washington, d.c. bureau with paul the details. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning, dave. just ten weeks after becoming prime minister britain's david cammer ron comes to the white house this morning. he met with president obama at the g-8 summit in canada last month. today they take on two high stakes immediate issues, bp and afghanistan. on afghanistan president obama will press cameron for continued support. the prime minister has said he wants all troops out by 2015. >> i think both they and we have said we will not be there forever. we have to stand up an afghan national squirt force, an army and police. >> reporter: on camera he has been uncomfortable with the hash grilling of bp executives over the oil spill. it is europe's second largest energy company and cameron will emphasize today that it needs to survive. cameron is also going to be talking about bp here on capitol hill with members of congress. reporting live from washingt
and their drivers. >> reporter: i am scott mcfarlane live in washington, tens of thousands of classified u.s. military records are leaked on line. what secrets are revealed. what the white house has to say about it. >> good morning, westbound 92, san mateo bridge traffic heading well out to the pence. we will tell you more about the morning commute coming up. [trumpet playing "reveille" throughou reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence >>> welcome back. 5:13. the white house is now reacting to the on-line release of sensitive government documents on the war in afghanistan. the 90,000 u.s. military records give a blow-by-blow account of six years of the war. scott mcfarlane has details t morning from our washington, d.c. news room. good morning, scott. >> reporter: and good morning to you. in a statement the white house says it condemns the release of these document, saying it, puts lives of americans at risk. the website involved is called the wicki leaks. you see it on your screen ri
of civilian deaths than indicated. pakistan, the u.s. ally has been secretly helping al qaeda. and they quickly denied that and the u.s. state department says that these documents to not represent what is happening now. >> we put in place, over the past several months a strong foundation, working with pakistan, afghanistan, that we confront today. it is different and what we confronted 2-3 years ago. >> the white house is still insisting that pakistan is a strong ally and the people behind of those leaks and there are thousands of those documents that could be investigated as war crimes. fed >> thank you, catherine heaney. >> and on july 1st, and another governor might not even a sign the budget before he leaves office in january. governor arnold schwarzenegger wants spending reform, pension reforms, and people rushed with the majority of the lat majority two-thirds, and that he does not tip his request? he will not sign it, and that will leave that open for the new governor. >> and the dow jones. fed ex. led the charge what they're out look for the months ahead. >> taking it
's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence >>> three u.s. troops died in afghanistan, making that the deadliest month for u.s. forces in the war. nato says the three latest casualties died in two separate blasts. in southern afghanistan. commanders had previously warned the number of deaths could increase as the military ramps up its war on the taliban. >>> the fbi is helping track down those responsible for leaking more than 90,000 pages of classified documents on the war. they showed up open the wicki leaks website and alison burns is live now in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on this story. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. we do have some new information this morning. the 22-year-old soldier suspected of leaking more than 90,000 documents from afghanistan has been moved from ku wait to the military base at virginia about 25 miles from us here on capitol hill. the fbi also has a base there and is on the case now. defense secretary bob gates and joint chiefs chairman called the leak of these secret documents deeply da
a bill slapping the toughest u.s. sanctions ever on iran. it targets the revolutionary guard and their oil-to-sector -- oil and gas sector. >>> tiger woods and his wife have reportedly agreed on a divorce settlement. she is expected to receive $750 million under the agreement. he would have to keep single women away from his children. his wife would have to stay silent about their split. >>> 5:15 on this friday. a virginia students found dead. months later, there is a clue linking morgan harrington's murder to another disturbing crime. the man looks like this sexually assaulting a fairfax county woman. he may be the cornerstone of finding morgan harrington's killer. >> in 2005 the 26 year-old victim of a sexual assault in a town house community of jermantown road work with an artist to create a sketch of her attacker. five years later virginia state police say that they have matched a forensic evidence from that crime with another outside charlottesville virginia in a field where morgan harrington's remains were found. she was the virginia tech student who disappeared in octo
at the university of nevada-las vegas. >>> the federal appeals court has rejected the u.s. government effort to keep a deepwater drilling moratorium in place. the interior department said it was necessary while studying the risk. the appeals court ruled that the federal government failed to show it would suffer irreparable injuries if the ban was not restored. >>> day 81 of the gulf coast oil spill, concerns growing about air quality. the epa says that the air in some towns along the louisiana coast poses a moderate health risk. anyone unusually sensitive should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion. >>> 14 people are dead in pakistan, more than 100 others injured after a suicide bombing along the afghanistan border. that left the commercial -- that blast struck a commercial area. far no one has claimed responsibility. >>> still ahead, the showdown to save a local school is over. we will hear from emotional parents and students about the decision to close clifton elementary. >>> metro is making over the rosslyn station. we will tell you what the changes will mean for passengers. changes will mean for p
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